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  • Melissa Johnson

An Alternative to Pelvic Mesh

There has been a lot of controversy over the last few years about Pelvic Mesh. So lets have a look at what it is as well as a non surgical approach to help with symptoms - and hopefully to avoid surgery.

A mesh implant is typically used when the Pelvic Floor muscles weaken causing Pelvic Organ Prolapse or even Urinary incontinence. The mesh acts as a support to hold the organs in place.

Now, if you have read anything about mesh, you will know that a large number of women have suffered physically and mentally having them. In some cases leaving the person in a wheelchair. So before you consider, consider a successful alternative.

The key word in the above is Muscle. "When the pelvic muscles weaken". Just like any muscle, if it weakens, it wont function correctly. If you broke your leg and had a cast on for a few months, the muscle would weaken, and you would slowly build your strength back into it.

So considering your pelvic floor, like any muscle, you can do strengthening movements to help ease and in some case stop symptoms all together. The Holistic Core Restore(r) program I run has helped hundreds of women, the Burrell Education page has hundreds of testimonials on it. Studies have proven that Pelvic Floor Muscle Therapy WORKS, and should be considered BEFORE surgery. This is what I do.

If you, or anyone you know is faced with the above, message me for a chat. I am more than happy to help.

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