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Post Natal & Weightlifting Belts

I meet a lot of new mums every day that suffer with lower back pain, I’ve met ones that struggle to lift their child’s pushchair into the car. And I also meet ones that return to exercise too soon, don’t rehab their bodies properly and cause more damage. During pregnancy your body goes through a MASSIVE amount of physical changes. You need to get back to your baseline before you can start heavy lifting again. Your return to exercise depends on a lot of things, were you active during your pregnancy, were there any complications with your birth, stitching, c-section, prolapse, tears, did you do any prehab work. Your first port of call is to rehab your core and Pelvic Floor. Your abdominal muscles stretch over the 9 months to support your belly as it grows so will be weak now. You need to take into consideration any diastasis you might have, any pelvic floor problems. Building a STRONG foundation first – will allow you to get back to what you love doing QUICKER.

If the walls of your house started to crumble – would you just put up scaffolding and leave it at that? Probably not, I would like to think you would get the walls fixed. Same goes with your core – speak to an expert, from one weightlifter to another not all rehabilitation needs to be boring.

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