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Welcome to Hamilton Body Therapy

Corrective Exercise specialist bridging the gap between physical therapy and functional strength training 

Llifting Weights


Hello, I'm Melissa. An experienced Powerlifter and a Masters competitor in Olympic Weightlifting, but more importantly, I am a Corrective Exercise Specialist working in Women's Pelvic Health, Hysterectomy Recovery and Massage. After 19 years of living in the UK, I am now back in New Zealand ready to help women improve Pelvic Health in my homeland. 


My mission is to help you get back into your daily routine safely and effectively taking into consideration any women's health issues you may face. Pelvic Health problems are a massive barrier to exercise and movement in general and I aim to help you improve your long term health and fitness goals and have you feeling like you again. 

Working together with you doing something you enjoy, to get you to where you want to go, supported and encouraged along your journey. 

See what some of my clients say here:

Pelvic Floor, Hysterectomy, Prolapse, Core Recovery, Diastasis Correction

Doctor Referral & Corrective Exercise

Lower Backpain, Diabeties, COPD, Menopause & Pelvic Floor,
Strength Training

Remedial Massage Therapy

Sports Massage,
Deep Tissue Massage,
Oncology Massage

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