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Its getting hot hot hot

If you speak to a women of a certain age, hot flushes are a hot topic (sorry), with up to 75% of women experiencing them.

Due to your changing hormones, your body’s internal thermostat (hypothalamus) can dysfunction and become more sensitive to changes in body temperature and the temperature around you.

This fluctuation results in you becoming temporarily overheated - your flush...

But did you know the ‘chills’ can happen too?

So - what helps?

Take a look at what you eat, something you might be ingesting could be triggering your flashes.... coffee? Chocolate? too much sugar? Eating more green vegetables, healthy meats and grains will help balance your hormones and can help with the flashes.

Exercise can help balance your hormones as well.

If they don't work you can try HRT & Sage tea, Soya other supplements are another option - speak to your doctor about your options.

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