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Updated: Apr 1, 2019

or, the product of it anyway… PREGNANCY!

Considering that child birth is one of the most physically demanding events that the average women will undertake in her lifetime, why wouldn’t you want to be as fit as you can be for it? You wouldn’t run the London Marathon with out training for it right?

Exercising when pregnant and during the post-natal period, can be beneficial to both the Mother and the Baby. In fact, the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology recommend it for many reasons. Easier, shorter labours, improved circulation and blood pressure, quicker post-natal recovery reduced swelling, leg cramps, weight gain and back pain.

Strong muscles can also help support weakened joints, tendons and ligaments as your body adjusts to carrying the extra weight of your growing bump and the forward shift in your centre of gravity.

Provided you don’t have any major complications you can carry on your normal routine (both aerobic and strength), with a few modifications and some scaling.

I am not only a fully qualified Personal Trainer and a UKCC Olympic Weighlifting Coach, but I also specialised in Pre and Post Natal Exercise. If you are currently pregnant, thinking of getting pregnant, have recently had a baby, want to learn how to lift weights or just want to hang and chat, get in touch! Xo Mel

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