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A common problem with an easy fix!

It’s pretty common, but it’s not normal, so lets speak about whoops moments… Stress Urinary Incontinence or Urinary Incontinence is a pretty common problem in women, but is VERY fixable. In most cases the solution is some Pelvic Floor Muscle Therapy like the Holistic Core Restore ® course I run, but it could also be a sign of other Pelvic Floor dysfunction like a low grade prolapse that you may want to get checked out.

So… What is it? In Short, if you pee a little or a lot when you cough, sneeze, run, lift, make sudden movements, cannot hold it in, have to run to the bathroom, go ‘just in case’ or wear liners. Your Pelvic Floor muscles hold your bladder in place and help control the flood gates. If it weakens, this is when accidents happen.

So… What should I do? Kegels are a great start, but it’s often not enough. Like any muscle it needs to be worked out in order to make it stronger. When used in conjunction with other specific movements, breathing techniques and contracting the Pelvic Floor itself it strengthens. And quickly as well – most women notice a difference in about 4-5 weeks!

Would you like to be pee free in 4-5 weeks? Don’t put up with it, and don’t let the media normalise this problem.

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