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  • Melissa Johnson

Exercising with Prolapse

Much like women with a diastasis or one recovering from a Hysterectomy, there are some do's and don'ts to exercising with a prolapse, especially when working the abdominal muscles.

Unfortunately a majority of the exercises that are commonplace in gyms are actually unsafe for women with prolapse (and diastasis or recovering from a Hysterectomy) to perform safely do to straining on the pelvic floor due and an increased downward pressure.

In general try to avoid movements that involve raising both legs off the ground at the same time and/or exercises involving lifting your head and shoulders off the ground while lying on your back.

Movements to avoid include: abdominal crunch/curl or sit-up, ab curl machines, Oblique machines/sit-ups, double leg raise or hanging raises.

That's not to say you will never be able to do them again, but they all require a good Pelvic Floor strength to begin with.

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