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Hysterectomies & Exercise

I often get contacted by women that have had hysterectomies that want to return safely to exercising, but don't know quite what to do. So lets have a look.

Your Hysterectomy recovery time varies depending on the type of surgery you have, as well as your pre hysterectomy fitness levels. General rule of thumb is about 3 months, but internal healing might take a bit longer. During this time moving regularly and gentle intermittent walking is encouraged however any high impact exercises, intensive core movements or heavy lifting needs to be avoided.

When you have been approved to get back into a regular fitness routine start with some Pelvic Floor & Core rehabilitation as their is a heightened risk of pelvic floor problems (prolapse or bladder incontinence). As well as strengthening the pelvic floor, you want to work on core strength as well.

Working on your core strength needs a bit of care, avoid exercises where you crunch, where both legs are off the ground at the same time, v-up positions, planks etc that increase the pressure in your stomach and pelvic floor.... there is quite a list of what to avoid, however equally there are plenty that you can and should do!

Once your have sorted your pelvic floor and core, slowly move into other exercises... work with a professional like me if you can, take it slow.

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