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Migraines & Hormones

So many ladies, including myself suffer from migraines. Luckily I can sleep mine off in a couple of hours, but a lot of women are not so lucky. Women are MORE likely to have them then men and you have a higher chance or getting them if you are over 40! So lets take a look..

Changes in hormonal levels, specifically a drop in estrogen (which happens when your peri-menopausal and menopausal) has been found to trigger them. But it can also happen in the post natal period when hormones resettle. I've experienced this myself with my almost 2 year old.

Not all migraines are however triggered by hormones, so its best to speak to your doctor. However, we do know that HRT and some contraceptives are helpful in managing them along with other kinds of medication.

Non medical intervention is also a must. A healthy lifestyle, maintaining a healthy weight, eating well, plenty of rest and keeping hydrated

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