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Mind That Gap...

If you recently had your baby you are usually checked for Diastasis in the hospital. However that might not always be the case so here’s what to look for:

1. A ridge running down the middle of your stomach when your abdominals are engaged.

2. Excess skin or a bit of a belly below your navel.

3. Persistent lower back pain and/or a weak core.

4. Other pelvic floor problems: urinary incontinence, prolapse, pain in your pelvis or the feeling of pressure on your pelvic floor.

If you want to check the width of the gap, it’s pretty simple…

A. Lie on your back with your knees bent B. Put one hand behind your head to support it and raise your shoulders off the floor slightly. C. If you look down at your belly, you might see a coning or a ridge at this point. If not take your other hand and press down gently along the midline of your stomach. If you have a Diastasis, it will feel squishy and you should feel the edges of your abdominal muscles. D. If you have a gap of more than 1 or 2 fingers in width you have a moderate Diastasis. If you are recently post-partum this might close by itself.

If it doesn’t close by itself, get checked out or seek the help of a professional that can assist you with exercises to help close the gap... like me!

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