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  • Melissa Johnson

More Form, Less Injury

Especially important for my recovery clients but also important in general. Let’s take a look at why training smarter and learning proper exercise technique can help you get to your goals quicker…

Injury Avoidance – Maintaining proper form not only works your muscles in the most effective way, it also helps you avoid injury. Doing an exercise with improper form can lead (and often does) to injury. In turn taking your out of the gym and further from your goals. For example, if your deadlift sees you stopping the bar at your knee, back rounded, core not engaged and you having to hitch the bar up to waist height by throwing your shoulders back – its just a matter of time before something happens. Try dropping the weight, engaging your core, keeping you back nice and flat or neutral and build up slowly.

Getting the most out of the movement and not wasting energy – Exercises are designed to target specific muscle groups. Doing them with proper form uses them to their full potential, thus getting better results. Proper form places your body in the strongest position. Increase your efficiency by thinking and caring more about form rather than about ego. You will find that in time that you lift bigger weights as a result.

Maintain correct breathing and blood pressure – Proper breathing technique can not only help brace your core, strengthen your pelvic floor and assist the force of your lift. But it can also reduce the chance of heart problems, aneurysms and increases in your blood pressure while carrying heavy load. You don’t want to faint with a bar on your back.

In summary your focus should be technique first, the weight on the bar a distant second. To quote a motor manufacturer that somehow does not fit indicators to their cars “power is nothing without control”.

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