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  • Melissa Johnson

Pelvic Health During Menopause

Its only been happening the last year or 2... Sound familiar?? I get contacted a lot by women of a certain age that have developed Urinary Incontinence when they have begun menopause.

This is due to the changed in hormone levels that keep it strong. Coupled to the fact that you start to lose muscle tone around then, its no wonder its feeling weaker! But don't worry, whilst this is common, its not something that you have to put up with. Strengthening your Pelvic Floor, Core and entire body has so many more benefits. Obvious ones of not peeping yourself aside, resistance exercises help keep muscle mass, muscles which support your bones, joints and ligaments, resulting in better balance, better strength and stronger bones. If your only symptom is a bit of leaking, then that can usually be sorted in 5-6 weeks... but learning how to keep it strong lasts a lifetime...

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