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Returning to Exercise after a baby..

I’ve been asked a few times lately when its ok to wear a lifting belt after you have had a baby. This is not a simple answer. Let’s take a look at why…. A) have you been doing core rehab exercises? When you’re pregnant your core muscles stretch. You need to get them back to their original tightness AND strength. This will not only help you on the platform, but in EVERYDAY life. When you are a mum, you’re FOREVER lifting something. B) have you been doing your pelvic floor exercises? When you wear a belt and take a large breath (Valsalva) your diaphragm descends downwards. The Intra-Abdominal pressure would normally be distributed evenly through your core creating that cushion to support your spine. If you put a belt on, that pressure would be directed… you got it, through your Pelvic Floor. This can cause a host of problems – Urinary Incontinence, Prolapse to name a couple. So strengthening your Pelvic Floor and learning how to manage your IAP is a must. C) If the walls of your house started to crumble – would you just put up scaffolding and leave it at that? Probably not, I would like to think you would get the walls fixed. Same Idea – a belt will 100% give you extra support when you lift, but it should not in anyway be a replacement for having a strong core.

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