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Returning to Fitness after a Baby

Returning to exercise after a baby isn't as simple as rocking up to a cookie cutter style boot-camp and getting your sweat on. There are lots of elements to consider. 1. Has your doctor signed you off? Depending on how your little one comes into the world, this can be either 6 or 12 weeks. Until then gentle walking is all that's recommended. 2. How does your Pelvic Floor feel. This small yet important muscle has had a heavy weight sitting on it for 9 months and is also weakened. Strengthening your Pelvic Floor prior to any high impact workouts should be top of the list. A weakened Pelvic Floor can cause a host of issues, back pain, hip pain, incontinence or even a prolapse. 3. Do you have a Diastasis (tummy gap)? This should also be addressed before you start any intensive workout routine. After a baby, you have very weak core muscles, combined with a Diastasis, can lead to back pain, hip pain or Pelvic Floor issues. Correcting a Diastasis can be done at the same time as your Pelvic Floor. 4. Are you nursing? Exercising can effect your production, so make sure you are eating enough and drinking plenty. 5. Energy Levels - how are you sleeping? Exercising without enough rest and recovery time can be counterproductive. Once your baby is in a nice routine and you're getting some rest, start slowly.

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